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10 Ways to Wear a Kashmir Pashmina Shawl

Wearing a Pashmina Shawl isn’t just putting on an accessory…

…It’s enhancing, directing and sculpting your look on the stage of your life.

Do you want to be an extra in the screen play of your reality… or the starring actress?

All the ways to style your Kashmir Shawl (listed below) were designed by a stylist to enhance the natural sensuality of your movement.

Even more…

Wearing an authentic Pashmina Shawl from The Kashmir Company is meant to frame your body – so the handmade wrap becomes a part of your character or persona for the rest of the day.

After purchasing one of our exclusive Pashmina Shawls, you can wear it in hundreds of waysin thousands of different style combinations.

Use the worksheet below to flavor your day!

The Effortless Look: Simply swing the shawl over your neck and allow it to hang luxuriously over the front of your chest. This look is perfect for women who want a simple solution to the “bad hair day”… or just want something casual for a trip to the grocery store. The Effortless Look can easily soften your body’s lines and help you exude sexiness, even when you might be feeling a little uncomfortable in your skin.

The Circle Shawl: Create a decadent layered-look that frames your face. Start by placing one end of the shawl near the back nape of your neck. Loosely wrap the rest of the shawl around your neck until you come to the other end tucking it in under the loop. Move it around, stretch it and arrange it so that it’s comfortable to you. Pashmina Shawls (versus the regular scarf) are perfect for this look, because they have the volume and texture to pull it off!

The Celebrity Wrap-Around: Imagine the crisp, cold air naturally blowing against your cheeks as you strut down Main Street with a warm confidence. The wrap-around keeps you cozy and adds a touch of spice to your sensual movement. Take 1/3 the length of the shawl and put it on one shoulder. Wrap once around your neck and let the remaining length fall down the other side. Play with the size of the loop around your neck. Larger is more casual and summery, smaller is more refined and for cold winter days.

The Female Tie: You are a prize to be won, when perfectly wrapped in soft and decadent Pashmina Wool. The Female Tie is a twist on the conservative and soft spoken masculine tie of our counterparts. With this look, we take the Pashmina Shawl and allow its color, spark and softness to speak for itself right by our heart… First, take the Pashmina Shawl and fold it lengthwise. Then fold it again in half and put it around your neck – putting the ends of your one-of-a-kind Kashmir Shawl through the loop on the other side. Situate it so that the intersection is puffed up at your chin, creating a waterfall of fabric from your décolleté downward. This is great for small-chested women who want a bit of a boost! The layers of fabric will give the illusion of a bigger bust! This look is totally appropriate for social events, work gatherings and other hobnobbing galas!

The Elegant Peek-A-Boo Evening Shawl: How many of us feel a bit modest (and chilly!) at the beginning of a romantic night out when wearing our shoulder-bearing, look-at-me-in-the-candlelight dress? The Pashmina Shawl Peek-A-Boo Styling is perfect for this. Simply put the Kashmir Shawl over your shoulders, and then let the wool fall down to your elbows. You will keep your bare skin delightfully warm during your starry-eyed evening walk together… while being able to show a little more of your body at dinner!

The Grace Kelley: If you want to infuse an immediate sense of class and mystery into your look that will catch the eye of the most poetic and classic man, go no further than Grace Kelley’s styling of the Pashmina Shawl. To do this, put the middle over your head, cross the ends under your chin, wrap around the throat and tie at the back of the neck.

The Jackie-O: Do the Grace Kelley look, but add a pair of chunky, over-sized frame sunglasses and hop in a convertible for a ride on the coast with your husband. You’ll feel elegant, sophisticated and sexy – all in one amazing, timeless look! All because of your brilliant Pashmina Shawl!!!

The Belted:  Love to cinch that dress, shirt or skirt around the waist with a modern belt? Accenting your waist is even better when you do it with your Kashmir Company Pashmina Shawl. Check out what fashion blogger Yuri from Indonesia does with hers!

The Cape: Throw the shawl over your shoulders, bringing the ends together and tying a knot in the front. This is an easy way to style a white cotton tee and tailored jeans, in a matter of seconds… Go from teenie-bopper to fashionista-sophisticate right before your very eyes!

The Bohemian Gypsy Skirt: Hippie is in… and for good reason. Looking youthful, organic and fresh inspires the feeling of true, raw, unencumbered beauty. This look is an easy way to spice up any skirt, legging or pant.  Simply wrap your Kashmir Company Pashmina Shawl around your waist and secure it by knotting or clipping at the side. You can play around with first folding your shawl into a triangle (opposite corners touching) and then wrapping around your waist for an asymmetrical look.

There you have it!

Just ONE authentic Pashmina Shawl from The Kashmir Company can accomplish ALL of these trendsetting looks… effortlessly!

Stay tuned!

We’ll be developing for you more innovative ways to wear your Kashmir Shawl or Scarf – and communicate ALL the occasions that you can show off your different trendsetting looks…

…Including how to make your makeup play off of your timeless piece of fashion-art brilliantly!

To Your Cherished Enjoyment of Authentic Kashmiri Shawls & Scarves!

The Kashmir Company

P.S. We’d love to hear your questions for ways to utilize YOUR Kashmir Shawls or Scarves! Feel free to leave us a comment below and we’ll be more than happy to help you. Likewise, if you have advice for our customers for how to wear one of our exclusive Pashmina Shawls or Scarves, please share your styling-genius with us! This is about women helping women become the trendsetters you are!

P.P.S. Hey guys! We didn’t forget you. If you have ANY questions or concerns about buying a Pashmina Shawl for your wife, girlfriend, mother… even your grandmother, leave us a comment below or contact us directly. We know how important is it to buy just the right gift… for someone you love!

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