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About Us

A Commitment to Revive Kashmiri Arts… And Determined to Impact the Modern Fashion World with Centuries-Old Style!

The Kashmir Company is as much an online fashion store as it is a philanthropic entity.

By establishing a place for fashion-conscience women to rediscover this ancient art form, The Kashmir Company is positioned to help generate a massive revival of authentic shawls & scarves in the fashion world.

…As it should be.

We know with absolute certainty that once more of today’s modern women truly get the impact that wearing a handmade shawl or scarf creates among those around them, these pieces of fashion-art will experience an incredible resurgence…

…And once again take their place atop the all-time trend setters.

After all, wearing the right shawl can magnify your own raw exquisiteness, sensuality, aura and presence a million times over.

That’s the power of original fashion-art!

The Kashmir Company is here to act as the shepherd to reintroduce these handsewn, hand-embroidered, truly one-of-a-kind shawls & scarves to a whole new generation of style savvy women.

It’s our unconditional knowing that once handmade shawls & scarves regain the exposure they deserve, more and more women will absolutely fall in love with them and the stories they tell.

And remember, when you invest in one of the handmade artisan shawls or scarves on, you are supporting the livelihoods of Kashmiri artisans to continue making these handcrafted pieces of fashion-art for years to come.

Indeed, we are steadfast in our vision to create a place for women to patron that helps impoverished Kashmiri families earn the money they need to survive… and even thrive.

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