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Mission Statement

Kashmir Company Mission Statement

The Kashmir Company’s mission is to revive the centuries-old art of handcrafted shawl & scarf making and produce an indelible impact on the most bustling, cosmopolitan streets of style-savvy cities across the planet!

Desire to Preserve

Every Pashmina Wool or Silk Shawl & Scarf tells a unique story. That’s not something you can say about the mass-produced machine-made shawls, is it? By offering these irreplaceable pieces of fashion-art for your patronage, we will ensure the preservation of this ancient skill for generations to come.

Passion to Revive

We spotlight the skillful & timeless genius of Kashmiri Artisans to give them the exposure they deserve. Handcrafted Pashmina Shawls & Scarves will only revive in the fashion world when women who have a keen eye for matchless style wear these incredible accessories and become the trend-setters of their city or community!

Obsession to Conserve

Handmade shawls & scarves create ZERO impact on the planet. By conserving this generations-old art form, we’re also honoring the environment in which they’re made. This is the ultimate in green-conscience fashion.

Dream to Make a Difference

The Kashmir Company is passionate about bringing financial prosperity back to the people of this region by honoring and investing in their love for hand-making all of our timeless shawls & scarves. Help the people of Kashmir by supporting our dream of putting authentic Kashmiri shawls & scarves back atop the fashion world!