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Being a Fashion Trendsetter Changes the Way People Think!

Fashion is all about emotion!

You’re not just putting clothes and accessories on.


You’re dressing to reflect the way you feel.

You’re dressing to affect the people around you in a very particular way.

That makes fashion one of the most consequential decisions you can make.

Because in large part, your style, demeanor and overall framing of your body is HOW people see you…

…It’s who they think you are.

…It’s the box they put you in so they can compare you to other people.

Does that make sense?

After our last blog, we got to thinking more about what makes women fashion trendsetters.

And we realized how we failed to communicate the bigger picture about how powerful of a tool your style really is.

A story came to mind that really exemplifies and animates what embodying a trendsetter means.

One of our esteemed Kashmir Company customers had been invited to a governor’s party while Arnold Schwarzenegger was still in office.

She was wearing a shawl she had recently purchased from us.

And she was the only woman wearing an ORIGINAL Kashmir shawl at the political gala.

Within just minutes of arriving, she was surrounded by women asking her about the shawl, where you got it and commenting on how incredibly intricate it was.

Needless to say, we appreciated the rub.

But more importantly for her, for the first time, she got to fully experience the true power of her fashion choices and enjoyed being the center of attention at event full of gorgeous, impeccably dressed women…

…All because she was wearing an accessory that really amplified her own natural aura, beauty and charisma.

Have you ever had an experience like that?

Have you found yourself center stage, inundated by women who were so compelled by something you were wearing and how it made you immediately stand out from everyone else?


…The way you dress is one of the few ways you can actually persuade people to think differently about you, without so much as opening your mouth.

And our one-of-a-kind, handmade Kashmiri Shawls are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to wear a truly original accessory and embody what it means to be a female fashion trendsetter.

Our shawls convey so much emotion that wearing one of our timeless pieces of fashion-art can’t help but elicit the imagination of those around you.

Do you enjoy displaying the uniqueness of who you are?

Do you love going out for a night on the town and wearing something that makes you feel special… and even daring?

A lot of our customers ask us where it is appropriate to wear our breathtaking handcrafted shawls.

I mean after all, not everyone gets invited to the Governor’s Ball, right?

The truth is that you can wear a shawl (or scarf) anywhere!

It’s all a matter of finding the right accessory to match the emotion you want to convey.

The only rule for wearing one of our truly original shawls is being aware about exactly how you want to affect the people around you.

Do you want to WOW the socialites at the next big black tie event…?

…Expose your more daring sense of style at your office party and show your coworkers a totally different side of your fashion sense…?

…Or just give your husband a subtle reminder about why he married you?

The possibilities for how you can become the fashion trendsetter you always wanted to be are absolutely endless!

To Your Cherished Enjoyment of Authentic Kashmiri Shawls & Scarves!

– The Kashmir Company

P.S. Fashion is also an innovative way to reveal your hidden charisma… as we hinted at above. In an upcoming blog, we’re going to communicate exactly what charisma is (because its definition can be elusive) and continue animating all the ways you can become a fashion trendsetter by shopping at The Kashmir Company!

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