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Kashmir Shawls & Scarves for Empowered Working Women

Hey ladies… Katie Jones here…

Are you like me & feel vulnerable at work?

I mean, you’re around people who you may not normally choose to spend so much time with, right?

Sure, some of our most amazing friendships are ignited at work, but that doesn’t change the fact that you still feel like you need to have your guard up and exert your boundaries during your work hours.

After all…

Who you are at work isn’t necessarily who you are (or how you act) in your regular, everyday life.

In fact…

Your at-work persona means that you have to exercise different skills, assets and attributes about yourself to command the respect you want…

…And ensure that you’re being treated the way you absolutely deserve!

Your Style Plays a HUGE Role in How People at Work Treat You!

When you really acknowledge & embrace how powerful your style is, you can sway how your co-workers or employees perceive you.

So my question to you is:

Are you dressing yourself up so you ALWAYS feel empowered & confident?

Here’s the deal…

You’ve got to learn how to always dress to reflect who you REALLY are, today…

…And that’s why I love our Kashmir Shawls & Scarves so much!

The amount of versatility you have with just one of our vibrantly-colored Silk or lighter Pashmina Scarves can transform your work persona in a dozen ways this 2012 spring season.

That means…

You have 12 ways you to express yourself & feel more empowered by displaying your distinct style at work!

All with just one handmade scarf!


I know there’s a ton of prep-work to get your style and mindset work-ready.

There is a hefty-handful of tasks you have to check off your list during your morning-beauty-ritual before you can walk out the front door and reveal yourself to the world.

You have to decide how you’re feeling today and reflect your emotions in your outfit, makeup and the little touches that make you, you.

You Have to Become the Woman Who Accomplishes the Needs that Your Job or Career Demands of You…

…While still maintaining your sense of self in the same breath.

One of our beautiful, artisan-created scarves is a perfect accent to make sure a little more of your REAL persona stands out at work!

Stay Tuned!

To Your Style, Your Way!

Katie Jones

P.S. When you’re more comfortable in your own skin, your productivity & energy level can increase. Clothes & fashion accessories are an investment in your success… and your sanity!

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