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Never Before, Never Again Kashmiri Artisanship

A message that I can’t possibly express enough to my customers is that when I say “handmade, one-of-a-kind Kashmir Shawls,” I’m totally serious!

Each Kashmir shawl we sell never existed before and won’t EVER be reproduced in any way, shape or form again.

All of our products on Kashmir are unprecedented pieces of art that ONLY YOU can possess… and nobody else can!

The Kashmir Company shawls are as original and authentic as the artisans who make them.

It’s also enormously important to me that every customer who comes onto Kashmir Company website understands that my ultimate desire is to help a dying art and a struggling people revitalize their pride and prosperity…

…So we may support the continuing production of these wonderful original pieces.

When I witness the tremendous hardship and pain these incredibly talented artisans experience, it inspires me beyond words to help them in any way that I can.

I have a kinship with them that exists beyond words.

It’s my unconditional passion to broadcast the message and artistic brilliance of every man, woman or child who has the discipline to craft these exceptional, unparalleled masterpieces…

…Because every Kashmiri Artisan is a testament to the enduring spirit of humanity.

I’m determined to spotlight the unequaled talent and personal story imprinted in each priceless shawl.

And fortunately…

…I’m in the unique position to expose the world to the genius of these Kashmiri Artisans.

The Kashmir Company is steadfast in displaying these incomparable shawls for lovers of this artistic expression to wear and enjoy… forever.

Pass your Kashmir Company shawls down to your daughter, granddaughter or whomever you know will cherish the deep tradition woven into every stitch of thread.

These pieces aren’t just to enjoy one time for a special occasion or an important celebration; each shawl is an heirloom that’s meant to be enjoyed for years to come.

It gives unspeakable pride every single time someone makes a purchase and demonstrates their support of my cause and the ancient Kashmiri tradition of shawl making.

I intend to continue revealing deeper, more personal ways to showcase The Kashmir Company shawls to everyone who understands the prestige they represent!

To Your Cherished Enjoyment of Authentic Shawls!

Founder – The Kashmir Company

P.S. It’s my sincere hope that I’ll soon be able to bring you the personal artisan stories behind each shawl we sell on Kashmir I know that once you witness the emotion poured into every Kashmiri shawl on The Kashmir Company site, you’ll experience a grander connection with the piece you buy and wear.

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  1. Kashmiri Shawl Exporters

    Shawl is considered as the ancient dress of India. Kashmir is the hub of fabricating shawl. The Kashmiri shawls are one of the perfect examples of Indian art and traditions. Thanks for sharing this info.

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