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Your Style, Your Way

My name is Katie Jones…

…I decided I wanted to work at The Kashmir Company because of my adoring love for being able to effortlessly change my look, and what’s in my closet, with just a single fashion accessory.

I’m all about reflecting my totally matchless personality with the styles I wear.

I thrive in creating my own style, my way!

And that’s exactly what I discovered in the Shawls & Scarves at The Kashmir Company.

These aren’t the generic shawls & scarves you’ll find at Macys, Nordstrom, Saks 5th Ave. or Neiman Marcus.

The Kashmir Company only sells one-of-a-kind, handmade, authentic shawls & scarves made exclusively for us by Kashmiri Artisans.

These are people who have shawl & scarf making ingrained in their DNA.

They literally spend thousands of hours creating JUST ONE Kashmir Shawl or Scarf!

Tell me that isn’t absolutely amazing!!!

I dare you!!!

Chanel, Versace, Gucci and Prada are all prized in the fashion world for the same reason the Kashmir Company is…

…Because of rare craftsmanship, unparalleled quality and uniqueness that nobody can ever find in a department store.

And the moment you touch and feel one of these timeless fashion accessories, you will unquestionably fall in-love with them.

I promise you that there’s NOTHING in your closet that comes anywhere close to the exquisite texture and quality every single one of our Kashmir Shawls & Scarves possesses!

So let me ask you:

Do you love being a trendsetter in women’s fashion… like me?

Do you cherish the opportunity to express your emotions with your distinct style… like the most magnetic and charismatic celebrities?

Do you revel in your ability to transform your look & style with just one timeless fashion accessory… like busy, but knock-out moms and career women?

Okay ladies…

…We dress to express our feelings.

…We dress to convey a certain image and intention.

…We dress to turn heads and be seen for our class as much as our beauty.

The Kashmir Company is all about helping you express Your Style, Your Way!

That’s what being a trendsetter on the leading-edge of fashion is about!

You don’t have to mimic what everyone else is doing.


Your Style, Your Way is about joining the Kashmir Shawl & Scarf Revolution…

…And utilizing one of the most versatile & awe-inspiring pieces of fashion-art on the planet.


Kashmir Shawls & Scarves are an essential accessory for bringing back to life what’s in your closet and demonstrating the complexities of being, you!

Here’s what I love about just having ONE Kashmir Shawl or Scarf to enliven your look & style:

I will be contributing my insights & fashion expertise here on and our blog to help you fully visualize the possibilities our incredible products can create in your closet… and your life!

Stay Tuned!

To Your Style, Your Way!

Katie Jones

P.S. If you’re not passionate about using fashion to tell the world who you are, today, you’re missing out on an incredible opportunity. I’m sure you’ve heard “a picture speaks a thousand words”, right?  Well, just one handmade Kashmir Shawl can help you express your feelings in an almost infinite number of ways! Join the Revolution!